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If you do not have a logo you can create one yourself or work with a Graphic Designer.

If you have a logo bring in a sharp, clean image, 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. If the logo has more than one color each color must be separated from each other. Each separation must be printed out on a separate page in black ink only (no colors).

If you don't have a copy of your logo you can get a copy from the maker of your business cards or signs. These businesses can also email the logo directly to us at

The email must be in a .jpg or .bmp format of at least 300 dpi. The single image or separations should be sent to us as a full page size of 8 1/2" x 11" in black only.

After we receive the image we can adjust the size of it if necessary. Next we put the image on a screen and once this is done the image cannot be changed. If you request changes to the image at this point a new screen must be set up at an additional cost. Before we print anything we will have gone over where you want your logo printed, the color(s) of the logo and any questions or concerns that may arise.

The time required for printing your order is dependent on several factors including the size of the order, number of ink colors, time of year (baseball season, etc.) and the number of orders ahead of yours.

You will be given an estimated date for completion but PLEASE tell us if you need this order completed by a specific date for an event. We usually can accommodate you if you tell us what date you need your order. Rush charges may apply.

Please note: If the logo or image you have is a line drawing, pencil sketch or other type of handmade artwork please contact us as these may require some additional work to make it ready for screen printing.

For additional information about custom screen printing contact us at